Thirty years after Begin and Sadat convened at Camp David, a smaller segment of another generation is amazed that my ex-wife and I have achieved a degree of accord.
Some are fascinated; some are disappointed. Balanced people, I would submit, should not care.
Rewind the tape to last September.  We both found ourselves in Chicago for Stacy’s engagement. Due to the 11th hour nature of the surprise announcement it made sense to share a two-bedded hotel room. I laughed and she had a mild stroke when upon arrival the room had but one bed..
So there we were, together again. She took the king-sized bed; I slept on the loveseat and ottoman. No regrets, though. For the first time ever under the same roof with this woman, I held the remote control.
Peace comes in all flavors.
Fast forward to Passover 2009. My mother’s death within hours of the first Seder created a “domino effect.” As my children converged upon Cleveland for a funeral, the ex had her plans for an east coast observance cancelled. She stayed in town and comforted her offspring at their grandmothers’ funeral. (Her EX-mother-in-law’s, no less!). Then, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Margie and Hal extended the dinner table several more notches and the past was present again…for at least one more observance.
Life has a funny habit of getting in the way of plans.

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  1. linda says:

    life is funny. parents together means bonded for life. better when a bond is peaceful.

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