ALONE AGAIN (Naturally)

Boy, I kicked ass yesterdayI From sunrise to sunset I was in the “zone.”

Woke up to “Morning Joe”, drove a friend somewhere, then breakfast at Corky’s with Dennis. Michael J came by with great news: we don’t have to eat at Jack’s Saturday.

The half hour flew by as Burnside and I laughed at the dysfunction around us (we’re so balanced). Upon leaving, he stood adjacent to me as we paid at the register. I was starting to ask the cashier some random question (just for play) when he interrupted:

“Michelle, let me ask you a question…” I began.
“Don’t even start!” His sixth sense tells him when my nonsense is beginning.

I did stop. We laughed again and then it was on to the real world.

The sun was shining. It was only 8:00 AM. The flag was UP!

Business as usual—downtown Cleveland followed by a trek to Chardon. Even had major trial victory in Geauga. Coming home the hills were alive with the sound of Bare Naked Ladies. Both ipod and owner were juiced.

And not only was the sun was still shining, but…get this…: no court appearances the rest of the week, and no appointments. And, (tympany ….) No compulsory shopping at Marc’s.

Friday on my mind!

Mid-May was the last time I entered a weekend without commitments. Play rehearsals and tech and then three weeks of Fri/Sat/Sun performances chewed up my down-time. Fathers Day was well-spent on the coast.

And now I’m home. With no plans.

It’s times like these… when there is a pause in the action… that I truly miss having a hand to hold. My life rocks—work, recovery, family keep me fulfilled. Still, I can’t help but think I’m wired to be with someone.

I’m not needy; I’m not lonely. And I AM truly happy. But still….

Seinfeld says that only 5% of people are “dateable.” That’s not a good start.
Factor in my personal deal-breakers, to wit: no druggies, republicans or redheads. Factor out those ladies that run a D & B on you before they date you…and the ones that left their smiles in the 70’s…

I’m dying to see “The Hangover.” How can I go alone and also sit without popcorn? And Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie opens soon…where will I find someone age-appropriate to take?

I’m not complaining—just sharing. If G/d wanted me to be with someone I would be. Not on my time, but in his time.

So I’ll be grateful for the sunshine, the friends, the family and the opportunities.
And what will be will be.

(If only G/d wanted me to have buttered popcorn)!

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