“…You know we just don’t recognize the most
        significant moments of our lives while they’re
        happening. Back then I thought, well, there’ll be
        other days. I didn’t realize that that was the only day…”

                           Burt Lancaster, playing “Moonlight” Graham, 1990.

Twenty years ago this summer I first watched “Field Of Dreams.” With Mandel, at a theater, in tears. It was the story of father and son, redemption and baseball…of memorable characters. One of them was “Moonlight” Graham.

Archibald Wright “Moonlight” Graham was born, records show, on November 9, 1879. A physician by trade, his true aspiration was baseball—Major League baseball—to bat against the big boys.

It was a century ago.

From ’02 to ’04 “Doc” Graham pursued the dream playing minor league ball. Then, in June, 1905 it appeared his time had come.

It was the bottom of the eighth. He’d spent the spring riding New York’s bench, but on that day, at that moment, manager John McGraw sent him out to play right. Better yet, he’d bat fourth in the Giants’ ninth.

Poised, ready…Archie Graham could taste it. He was playing for a power-house, a team that would go on to win that year’s World Series. He was minutes, perhaps moments from grasping his dream.

It didn’t happen, though. Inexplicably, unexpectedly…it didn’t happen.

New York’s Giants, MCGRAW’S GIANTS…went quietly that final frame.  Three ground balls. Fartic! Who’d have thunk it? A dejected “Moonlight” Graham retreated from the on-deck circle.

He was never to get that close again.

Our lives, like baseballs, tend to take unexpected bounces.

AND…IN A RELATED STORY…My beautiful granddaughter is eleven weeks old Wednesday.

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