Saturday afternoon. Rain halted, weather cooled, there was a calmness, a pristine feel to the fresh air. ‘Twas the perfect time to walk. Seven laps: two miles for just me, my music…and my thoughts.

Half-way through, the ipod, with Amy-fresh material, blared a song I’d never heard. Then, my index finger poised to change tunes, in a genre frowned on in the Jewish community, Johnny Cash sang out:

        “…Flesh And Blood need Flesh And Blood
        And you’re the one I need…”

It made me think, feel grateful, then think some more.

Hal, the other night I met someone. We were out of town (in Tremont) when the question came: “Are you close with your brother?” (She’d heard about Bobby and Stuart—even knew some of the “Old Geezers” at Wednesday’s breakfast). My answer was immediate and direct: “He is my best friend.”

        ”…A cardinal sang just for me
        And I thanked him for the Song
        Then the sun went slowly down the west
        And I had to move along
        These are some of the things
        On which my mind and spirit feed;
     But Flesh And Blood need Flesh And Blood
        And you’re the ones I need…”

Kids: We are separated—500 miles to the east, 350 heading left—Wish it weren’t so. The travel agent swears, though: it wasn’t me that moved! Just know that in spite of email, in spite of rhythmic contact, (skype and all), I miss you guys. Bell Telephone used to run an ad claiming “Long distance is the next best thing to being there.” Somewhat misleading, I’d say—there is no second place.

        “…So when this day was ended
        I was still not satisfied
        For I knew everything I touched
        Would wither and would die
        And LOVE is all that will remain
        And grow from all these seed;

Haley, you are a gift to us from God. You are older and stronger now than when first born. Even prettier, I suspect. We miss you. It’s a funny thing about holding a baby. One never knows who is holding whom….or who benefits more.

        “…Mother Nature’s quite a Lady
        But you’re the one I need”

        Flesh And Blood need Flesh And Blood
        And you’re the one I need!….”

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