A wise person once told me that gratitude was a tool to be used on even the rainiest of days. Well, it’s not pouring in my world today, but drizzling it is.

My three adults kids live away; there is division between some of them.
It’s cold outside. Gray. Dry.
Business has tightened.
My Friday poker tournament winnings were left on the table last night.
I’m hungry.
I want to travel to NYC this month, to see kids, but not only do I hate travel, but the New York daughter doesn’t talk to New York son.. The last thing I want to do is shuttle diplomacy. (Why do all Jewish kids move out of Cleveland?)
I’m tired.
My Mom’s in the Old Folk’s Home (So much for being PC), and not coming out. My brother and I have been delaying some tough decisions for which there is no right or wrong answer.
I’m somewhat behind at the office, but have no urge to close the gap.
I’m in a relationship that poses daily questions.
The laundry has to be taken in.
I am overdue for my eye exam.
My brother has a birthday this week.
The cat litter needs changing.
My kid in Chicago has been layed off.

Still, there really is so much to be grateful for….Especially today.. I can never forget that:

My three adult kids are relatively healthy, and in time, their issues will resolve.
I choose to live in Cleveland, and I can go outside, even in the cold. My mother is stifled in a hospital bed.
Business may be tight, but at least I have a business. There was a time I did not.
At least I have the airfare to New York, and kids that want to see me. There was a time I didn’t and they wouldn’t.
My brother and I have never been closer, and together we are scaling mountains of major and minor family issues…stumbling a bit, laughing a bit, and moving forward with, as they say “due deliberate speed.”
So my laundry can wait, my cat can wait (a little less), and the baby in Chicago has life skills, resources, and a partner to sustain her.
And the last time I looked, I had ten fingers, ten toes, Seinfeld on DVD, family and friends to share with, and a G/d to protect me.
In fact, the very last time I looked, I had nothing to complain about at all.
Pound for pound, I have never been happier.
Time to eat.

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