“People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”

I first heard that line in the mid-90’s on my one and only date with a newly-minted divorcee. Ensuing years have clearly proved her right.

It’s hard not to think back—especially recently. As yet another chapter began in our daughter’s life, I filled flights to and from Chicago with both reflection and gratitude. God has certainly placed some special people in her path.

Deborah was an advocate in Columbus and housed in the Student Union. It’s been ten years, give or take. I watched then as she steadfastly supported victims of sexual abuse, all the while bucking the administration that signed her paycheck. We marveled as she mustered strength and planted hope in our baby.

Daniel made his home in (of all places) Knoxville, Tennessee. Still, somewhere about that time this gentle man not only became aware of our daughter’s story, but latched on to it. As “luck” would have it, he was Director of the only national non-profit organization devoted exclusively to assisting the victims of violence on college campuses. And …there he stood in (for HIM, of all places)…central Ohio. By her side.

And David. Lord knows how many prosecutors Franklin County had back then. “We”, however, got him. Sensitive, compassionate and understanding, he was the perfect professional to guide the journey. Like I said, “we” got him, but better yet, he “got” it.

I’m still in contact with Daniel, to this day. He was in for Rooney’s wedding and we email. Deborah’s somewhat evaporated but I dropped her a note when Lucy came. (Haven’t heard back). David I speak to once a year, around Thanksgiving—always have. This year was no different. I reminded him again this week that Stacy won’t forget his good deeds.

People come and go in our lives. Gifts emerge for a reason or a season, but rarely by accident.

Yes, it was difficult not to think back recently… not to again recall love shown for a reason and a season that will pay dividends for a lifetime.

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  1. alan wieder says:

    And some of us are fortunate to have you as a gift for years and years and more years — you are special in all of your multiple dimensions. Knowing some of those dimensions — I am thrilled that you now also have Lucy in your life.

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