One Thursday night in February 1960 our parents brought home a six two month old Shetland Sheepdog. Up until that time neither of Albert and Elaine’s children had come within four feet of a dog. We were petrified.
Within an hour of introducing us to the pet, (which was to be Hal’s birthday present), my father left for the night. Lodge meeting.
Adam was simply the best.
We lived on a corner house across from the elementary school. Kids coming and going would play with the toy collie that Bernie Pleskoff called “Little Lassie.” He’d run and catch tennis balls in mid-air, foam from the mouth, and smile. His best friend Tide Luxenburg lived across the street.
My father wanted to put Adam out to stud to create funds, but Doc Elsner said Adam was sterile.
Adam died childless on April 16, 1966 while my mom was in the hospital. It was rough. I told Arthur about it in gym class and he just couldn’t believe it. I vowed never to get another dog.
Life got in the way of plans, though, and one summer night in the early 80’s Arthur, Bennie (my brother-in-law) and I ventured to Chardon to pick up another miniature collie. The kids dubbed him “Rocky,” a name I hated. So be it.
The good news is that my second childhood came and, living alone, I secured another dog, a bichon. He was named Adam, in memory of Adam.
The bad news is that the dog was stolen from me. My baby Stacy had been staying with me, and one day, took him to her mother’s for overnight consolation. Neither Stacy or Adam ever returned. To make matters worse, Stacy moved to Chicago, and the hunt is now living in Beachwood with his step-mother.
Which left me without a pet,
This past fall it was suggested that I try a cat. Low maintenance (I was told). It was pointed out that you don’t even have to walk the thing.
I adopted Daryl at eight weeks and it truly was a breeze. Took him to Arthur (now a vet), and he urged me to, if nothing else, not get a second cat.
Two months later I rescued another young kitten. I named him Darryl as well. It seemed to work so well.
But not for Arthur.
Among other things he complained that two Darryls might create confusion on the medical charts. Then, when I stepped on Darryl’s neck and crushed his inner ear, Kraut reminded me that he’d cautioned me not to get the second cat.
It matters not. They are nice to come home to.. And while my son says it makes me gay, Meredith just loves Darryl. (or is that Darryl?)
We get along great, and while three is truly a full house, Passover is fast approaching. I wonder what Adam is doing for the second Seder?

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