“The world was in bloom, there were stars in the skies
        Except for the few that were there in their eyes…”

There was a different dynamic ‘tween the wedding of my first and the nuptials of my last. On the bima for Michael, flanked for the first time in decades by the ex, my thoughts tiptoed through tears as I was overcome with ShouldaBeens of us trumped by vibrant pride in him.

And then there was Stacy. Five years ago today. My baby.

Eleven she was when her parents parted. Young then: innocent with eyes looking up always…to her older sister. Eleven as the door to the marriage closed and I moved out forever.

Only eleven.

Then MOMENTS LATER she was 27. Down the semi-spiral staircase…
down the aisle… to Jason.

Beautiful. Precious. Her mother’s daughter, but still my baby.

I remember thinking (that day) how right they looked together. (I’d thought that at the first — years earlier —but it seemed even righter that Sunday at Landerhaven, if possible). And they looked so happy.

I still picture the chuppah. I recall being under it and thinking only of Stacy. Feeling the pride, joy, nachas and confluence of healthy fear for her future buoyed by confidence in her choice.

Their choices.


—And now, even more moments later — there is Lucy…with my Stacy.

Beautiful. Precious. She is HER mother’s daughter and no longer a baby. Guided, she is, by the most positive of female role models.

And I see Jason. I study how she runs to his arms as he walks through the door. I watch when this strong man melts as he cradles his first…

With pride, joy, nachas, and a confluence of love for their child buoyed by confidence in her future.

Their futures.

Their family.

…The night seemed to fade into blossoming dawn
       The sun shone anew but the dance lingered on
       Could we but recall that sweet moment sublime
       We’d find that their love is unaltered by time….”

(Adapted from Jolson, Chaplin)

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