OK, my family, my friends, my health. That’s a start. (They tell me when I’m beginning to get a bit of the “Poor me’s” I should make a Gratitude List.
So here goes:

There has never been a minute in my life I’ve felt unloved. Never a moment I didn’t feel the unconditional support of a nuclear family. My parents knew how to say it; my brother knows how to show it. I’ve never walked alone.

The friends. How lucky am I that even to this day there are those from grade school that would be there if the bell rang? And me for them. Not to mention the others I’ve picked up along the way. Or those that have come through recovery.

The network of surrounding people loves me enough to tell me what I don’t want to hear. With honesty like that, even I can’t screw up.

And my health—not bad for a guy teasing 60.

Ah, starting to feel better. The clowns downtown are fading away.

My Grandma Bogart, the wisest person I’ve ever known.
Chad at Corky’s, who always finds me strawberries.
And the guy who fixes my car. He never overcharges more than I can afford.

Life’s not so bad but I’ve been in a funk lately. You see someone mucked a good friendship two poker games ago. And my condo lease is up soon. Then the family issues!  I know G/d didn’t bring us this far to drop us on our asses, but ….everyone’s feeling the pain. OK, OK.

My ten fingers, my ten toes, the memory I was blessed with.
The cats: Darryl and Darryl. (Love the boys).
And the dogs: Adam from Bayard, and also the Adam that my ex-wife stole from me. May the former rest in peace and the latter rest in Beachwood.

And Walt. He read my poker post and told me what I somewhat knew but needed to hear. Better yet, he reminded me that absent trust and friendship, poker is just a card game.

OK, it’s starting to come. This gratitude thing is working.

Truth be known I am grateful for the rough times in business and the rocky times in relationships. Really. Back in my mudslide of the ‘90’s I had neither business nor relationships. Who am I today to complain?

No one—so I won’t.

Tonight I will thank G/d for everything I have that I want AND everything I have that I don’t want. And I will wake up Thursday, meet with my sponsor and get rebooted.

Tomorrow the little one will be 27 and the sun will again be shining. When my priorities are in order, the sun shines regardless of the weather.

And tomorrow is only a day away!

5 Responses to “TOMORROW”

  1. JS says:

    Circumstances change, people do not. JS is JS.

  2. sb says:

    I did not steal adam! your “baby” did….

    p.s. adam is still waiting for you to come and see him.

  3. Jackie says:

    Even though you’re my “ex”, you are still one of my very favorite family members! You are an amazing person and loved by all…

  4. Aunt Helen says:

    And of all my nephews, you rank in the top two.

  5. MF Newman says:

    Hey Aunt Helen:

    What about me? Am I almost in the top two?

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