Remember the powdered orange juice Tang? Healthy, fruity with a tease of sour. My world today is one abundant packet of Tang: on balance quite sweet, but (if I choose to sense it), a bit of aftertaste. I opt instead to rinse often with prayer.

‘Tis true what they say: Prayer doesn’t change things around you—it changes you. Good enough for this cowboy. Contently I tend to glide through the turmoil to focus on the tranquil. The things beyond my control? I’m trying to give time…time.

And so, boarding yet another plane to LaGuardia, knowing I’ll see but half the NY contingent, staring at a weekend of two different worlds… I’m upbeat—anticipating friendship, family and life. It’s not what it could be, not what it will be, but good, nonetheless.

Staying in the city this evening— dinner with an old friend of The Jersey Girl. Graduation (among other things) divided them. My ex, of course, anchored in Cleveland. Linda ran the faster track of New York and L.A, returning east to raise kids.

Three Decembers ago, putzing around on the computer…bored, maybe even lonely—Pre-Facebook….I googled her. What’s 35 years among friends?

Mitten derinnen (as Grandma Bogart would say)….low and behold, I found two! Separately emailing each, my note read only: “Are you the Linda that went to OSU in the late 60’s?” “Yes, but who are you?” came the lone response, taking me aback.

Was not my surname in the email address?

Boredom trumped ego and I wrote back. Friendship rekindled, weeks later the kids dropped me in Manhattan for a reunion lunch. (This was right after the Great Weight Loss of ’06; clad in a white Polo shirt from Eric I had that swagger)!

I’ve seen her thrice since. No more. Family takes priority, by far. The last I looked there were only so many hours per weekend. It might be different if the kids ever came home—but they don’t. It might be different if we were physical, but we’re not. Time and circumstance shape everything, including chemistry.

Tonight it’s just the comfort of two friends— masks undone years ago. We’ll share past, present and future, trading laughter for smiles. Sometime late (or maybe early?) she’ll recoil to the health and welfare issues of her family. I’ll follow suit, heading to Long Island.

Both of us will return to our lives.

And so it is….


  1. Stuart says:

    Could it be magic?

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