The “Summer Of George” is over. It ended in the glow of Monday’s morning as I waved goodbye to the newlyweds.

And I’m flat.

70 degrees in Cleveland today. No snow. No gray. Still, closing my eyes I sensed nothing but the stale numb of mid-February.

Perhaps it’s a measure of the great summer had that my spirit is so…(what’s that word again?) ….flat.

But what a summer it was!

Struggled through “Threepenny Opera.” Got to read a few books; re-read one. Ignored my son’s rolling eyes by driving to New Jersey for breakfast. Added 300 songs to the ipod. Took a rare non-family vacation. Survived a day on a pontoon. Reunited with the old radio partners. Was cast for a signature role at Fine Arts Association. And walked the little one down the aisle.

Not a bad run.

Summer love? Had neither a girlfriend nor time for one. (Not that the cupboard was anything other than bare).

And now we are deep into rehearsal. But for the High Holidays, I’m on stage every night ‘til our October opening. So be it.

I’m really not complaining—just acknowledging. I know too well that these periods without drama have their own quality and benefit. They keep me balanced.

So I’m regrouping. Hitting meetings, touching the bases, and, as best as I can, I keep paddling the boat.

(Better here than on a lake in Wisconsin).


  1. Susan says:

    I prefer my drama on the stage and look forward to your walking the boards. It is good to have something positive for which I can look forward. I bet you shall be fantastic!

  2. JS says:

    Wake me up when you have something interesting to say.

  3. alan says:

    hmmmmm — js is getting a bit testy

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