Five years it’s been. Five Fleeting years. Permit me, please, this mental collage:

Michael’s morning call Election Day of 2010 … his evening call that Max had arrived…

The Andrews Hotel, the bris, the Pidyon Ha-ben, the laughter and tears.

“He looks like Meredith,” the east coast said.
“He looks like Michael,” the midwest said.
“I see them both,” the wise ones urged.

Baby food, real food, his love of blueberries.

The first New Year’s Eve – me getting to babysit him— ALONE!

Great Neck’s swimming pool, and park, and diner.

Max crawling, then walking, then marching the aisle at Aunt Lindsay’s wedding.

Max running, throwing a ball, and YES: stuffing a basketball down through a two-foot high hoop!

…Tumbling at gymnastics, trudging a pumpkin patch
… On a trike, a bike, in his car.
…In a Yankees cap, Giants cap, LeBron jersey, tuxedo.

From a crib to a bed, high chair to booster seat …
Potty seat to toilet seat…
From Thomas The Train and Carly Rae Jepsen to A-Z Dinosaurs, Beyonce,Tot Shabbot and BIG BROTHER!!!

—All of which reminds me the clock is ticking! Have I mentioned that Eli, the one named for my mother, turned two this summer? That he’s talking now, walking now, and banging on drums? That he calls my name?

That he shares a birthday with his Grandpa Stuart? That I was at my high school reunion when Michael’s call came?

Have I told you the time has flown?

” In five short years I’ve bragged right through my britches, And what I did before that I don’t know...                                                                                                 “So let it rain on my window pane; I’ve got my own rainbow:  Just sitting here smiling, watching Max P grow….”

 Bobby Goldsboro (adapted)


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