August, 2012:

A warm Wednesday evening, and dining at Paladar, little did I know she considered it Date Three. (Date Two at best, as I saw it).

She faced east on the patio; I looked west. She eyed Rachel on the rail. My view: the setting sun. Best of all though, at our table for two, we saw only each other.

My brain churned feverishly as we left the restaurant.

“How can I see her three times in eight days, then leave town for a week without having kissed her?” …

“Sure, she’d pushed me back the other night, but at our age, women know how to say ‘No’ if they don’t want to see you. Maybe she was nervous?”

Slowly I drove. Carrie Leimsieder liked me at some level, I figured. I just didn’t want to slide to the FriendZone.

Still in the car:
“Gotta hit Giant Eagle tonight— food for the boys.”
“I’ll come.”
(A good sign, I figured).

We entered the grocery. I’d stopped to grab pre-cut watermelon and she had no problem telling me it was priced too high—that only lazy people buy pre-cut fruit.

Then I kissed her. Right there in the middle of the store…and she didn’t push back.

And in the morning I left town.

And on the very next night, from a hotel near the Delaware Water Gap I emailed the lady a YouTube link of a song that reminded me of her.

June, 2013:

A warm Wednesday evening and dining at Paladar—-for the first time since August—the only counting being done by either of us was on being together.

She faced west on the patio while I faced east.  Both of us, though, saw the sun rising.

We drove past Giant Eagle after dinner, not stopping. I was heading toward Dick’s, ‘round the corner. She wants to walk up there, the lass does, maybe Saturday.  The two of us…both ways… from her house.

“Let’s see how far it really is.” I suggested. “We don’t want to overdo it.” (She was giving me the look, I might add, like I was buying more cut up melon).

Then we drove home. Together.

And I kissed her, without a grocer in sight.

And in the morning I left for work.

And on the very next night I sang her a song

Not from a hotel, but from her side.


  1. Art in Heaven says:

    And then did you watch “The Notebook”?

  2. Bobby says:

    Don Juan, Cassonova, Cyranno, etc. all wrapped inoto one B.

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